Phil Jackson on Dwight Howard’s Departure: ‘He Left a Distaste in Lakerland’

Luckily for the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson's word is still law in Hollywood.

Dwight Howard left an unfamiliar, jilted feeling in the hearts of the Lakers and their fans when he opted to join James Harden and the Houston Rockets rather than return to Tinseltown.

The Lakers aren't used to being cast aside and coming up empty-handed. That's just not how it works.

Typically, they get what they want. This time they didn't, and as the Zen Master noted on Twitter, Superman has forever left a tainted imprint on those in Lakerland as the result of his departure.

Jackson's admittance that Howard left a "distaste" in Los Angeles isn't nearly as important as what follows: He believes the Lakers are going to be fine.

Pau Gasol is indeed a better fit for Mike D'Antoni's system than Dwight ever was. Not that he couldn't have been, but he just never embraced the pick-and-roll aspect of Magic Mike's offense. Pau presents no such issues.

When healthy, Gasol is a premier screen-and-roll option. His ability to knock down shots from the inside out is also something that gives him an advantage over most centers, including Howard.

Per, Howard posted a player efficiency rating of 20.9 per 48 minutes at center last season compared to the 22 PER Gasol notched at the 5. Such metrics aren't "case closed, Pau is better" fodder, but they are revealing.

Gasol was in the midst of the worst season of his NBA career, yet he still managed to put up dominant numbers as a center. "Hope" is a word that comes to mind here.

Provided Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are still healthy and the team finds some shooters, the Lakers can make some noise in the Western Conference. Without Howard. Just as much as the Rockets can. With Howard.

Like Jackson tweeted, Dwight provides power and defense at full strength, but Pau is a better fit for what the Lakers are trying t...

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