Pau Gasol Video: Watch Lakers Star Make ‘The Fray’ Look Cool

It takes a special kind of person to make The Fray look cool. However, Los Angeles Lakers star Pau Gasol is that kind of person, because he owned a karaoke version of the group's song "How To Save a Life" at the El Ray Theatre on Thursday night. 

This has been a very trying season for Gasol. He has performed well on the court for the Lakers, averaging nearly 17 points and over 10 rebounds per game. However, the trade speculation surrounding him up until the trade deadline on Thursday took a toll on him mentally. 

Gasol ended up not being dealt, and he showed off his lighter side after learning that he would be staying with the Lakers last night.

Not only that, but he managed to give The Fray—who haven't been cool since this same song was featured on Scrubs—instant credibility with an audience who had likely tuned them out after they heard this song for the 1,789th time on the radio. 

Even bigger than making The Fray look cool is the fact that Gasol isn't a terrible singer. That's not to say he should quit his day job and join Metta World Peace on a rap-pop album collaboration, even though that would be a must-listen for so many reasons. 

Now that Gasol has made The Fray look good, the band can work on writing another song that will resonate with people. No offense to them—most bands would love to have one song be as much of a hit as this one was—but they need to do something that makes people take notice. 

They needed Gasol to sing this song to bring back their credibility. They have no other songs that people care about. Granted, I am not that familiar with The Fray, but I don't think it's a stretch to say they don't have the deepest catalog. 

So sit back, relax, and let the dulcet tones of Gasol and the poetry of The Fray lull you to sleep this evening. 

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