Pau Gasol Should Be Ahead of Howard in Lakers’ Offensive Pecking Order

In order to discover their desired results, Pau Gasol must be ahead of Dwight Howard in the Los Angeles Lakers' offensive pecking order.

According to the Sulia page of Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, both Kobe Bryant and Mike D'Antoni are aware of just that. Upon Gasol's return from injury, they plan on acting on that knowledge.

It's all a matter of the proper execution.

"When Pau [Gasol] gets back, we’re going to play through him a great deal," Bryant said. "Probably at the start of the shot clock, we’ll move around the perimeter, this that and the other. Last 10 seconds of the shot clock, when we don’t have anything, we’ll post [Gasol] up then he can make plays and make guys better, which he’s fantastic at."

"If we run our offense right, [Gasol] will get plenty of opportunities and he should get them," D'Antoni said. "He should be involved in every play. But when you start pinpointing things and you go to it, I think that’s when you get in trouble."

Both men hit the nail on their head with their analyses. Gasol is the key to everything.

This is not to sell Howard short on the offensive end of the floor. D-12 is an elite pick-and-roll finisher who could potentially lead the Lakers to the promise land by running that very play.

After all, Steve Nash is one of the all time masters of that very play from a facilitator's standpoint.

What it acknowledges, however, is that the Lakers have one of the game's elite offensive orchestrators in Pau Gasol. To limit his contributions in any manner would be nothing short of criminal and detrimental to team success.

Time to embrace the versatility.


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