Pau Gasol Becomes Second-Highest-Scoring European in NBA History

Pau Gasol has something to be thankful for on Wednesday night, even though his native Spain doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. With his 10th point of the night against the Brooklyn Nets, Gasol reached 15,762 points in his career.

And with that, he surpassed none other than Detlef Schrempf for second place on the all-time NBA list of European-born scorers, as noted by Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding. 

Schrempf was a fan favorite over his time with four different teams, but Gasol passed him on the list in nearly 300 fewer games. 

Of course, German Dirk Nowitzki is first on the list of top European scorers, and Gasol has absolutely no chance of catching him. Dirk is battling with Kevin Garnett for 15th on the all-time list of scorers and is outpacing Gasol by nearly 8,000 points.

But Gasol has more rings on his fingers, so there's always that trump card.

He is in his 13th season and seventh in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. He was an All-Star with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2006, but all of his glory days have come with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Gasol was an integral piece on the Lakers' championship teams in 2009 and 2010 and provides versatility down low, which has become a trend around the league. 

Gasol has cruised past Schrempf's 15,761 career points with his fancy footwork and finesse moves both around the rim and in the mid-range. With Kobe's new contract, the Big Two look set to pursue another title together as Gasol continues to add to his historic point total. 

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