Nike Honors Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant with News Spread

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has showed the NBA and the world in general so many things, and Nike thought it imperative that he remember that.

Nike conjured up a new ad campaign for the Black Mamba, in what was essentially a motivational resume. Kobe was kind enough to share the ad with the rest of us on Instagram.

Listed above are 13 different displays in which Kobe has schooled us in.

My personal favorite?

"You showed us how to take an ice bath."

Not just because it's funny, but because it actually happened.

Nike's black-and-white ode also pays tribute to Kobe's 81-point game, his "Mamba face" (which we can only assume is his death stare) and his penchant for perseverance, among other things.

They did, however, forget to list "you showed us how to exile Shaquille O'Neal to South Beach," but that's neither here nor there.

Kobe was obviously touched by his endorser going above and beyond to fuel his comeback. They went from supplying him with a trademarked Achilles boot to bolstering his ego during a time of need.

"Thank you @nike for this surprise spread in the paper this am. It touched me beyond words," read the caption beneath the photo.

Facing a long and arduous road back to the hardwood, Kobe needs all the motivational assistance he can get. He's known for his endurance, but at 34, and with the remainder of his 2012-13 (and potentially beginning of his 2013-14) campaign ripped out from under him, even he could use a motivational boost.

"Now, show us again," reads the final line.

Not just the ice baths. Or the championships. Or how to sport our big-boy pants. But all of it.

Nike knows you can.

And the rest of us know you will.


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