Nick Young’s Iggy Azalea Thirst Remains Unquenchable

It’s difficult to overstate the thirst Swaggy P experiences for his girlfriend on a daily basis. 

Shipwrecked sailors floating on barrels of jerky are better hydrated than Nick Young is in the presence of Iggy Azalea. 

The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard posted a picture to Instagram on Sunday night after the VMAs. 

The image showed Young slavering away as the Australian pop singer sat in his lap. It was deleted shortly after posting.

Fortunately, The Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspiegel grabbed a screenshot of the image before it disappeared. There’s a very real possibility Swaggy P swallowed rhinestones Sunday night. be young and to feel love’s keen teeth.

Young needs to be careful. He’s going to chip an incisor nibbling on Azalea’s eveningwear one day. Have fun explaining that to Jeanie Buss. 

Then again, some carved-up enamel is easier to talk away than an arrest. As Young himself once said, the things he wants to do to his girlfriend "shouldn't be legal."

Grab a napkin, Swaggy. You’re drooling.


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