Nick Young’s 2-Year-Old Son Secures Modeling Deal, Excels at Being Adorable

In this week’s Swaggy P update, it’s my pleasure to inform you that Nick Young’s son is now a child model.

TMZ reports that two-year-old Nick Young Jr. recently posed on set for Roubleau, a boutique line of children’s clothing that appears to feature the extensive use of fishing nets. 

Young Jr. starred in a Roubleau’s commercial of sorts, provided here, courtesy of TMZ. Sources indicate he is adorable.

The start of a child-modeling career is an unsurprising development for Swaggy Jr. given that his father is the personification of style and grace. Even more unsurprising is the fact that the lens loves Lil Swag. 

Designer Janae Roubleau told TMZ that Young Jr. demonstrated an innate stage presence: “It’s scary sometimes for a two-year-old to stand in front of a lot of people with bright lights in front of a white background…but he was a natural.”

TMZ reports that Young Jr.’s work secured him another shoot with Roubleau. He’ll be modeling its new spring line come the new year.

In summary, the apple is falling in predictable proximity to the tree for the Swaggy family. We’ll keep you posted on the inevitable photo shoot involving both Nick Sr. and Nick Jr., which will almost certainly involve stunner shades and polka-dot tuxedos.


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