Nick Young Talks Kobe Bryant, Swag and More in Entertaining Twitter Q&A

Los Angeles Lakers swingman Nick Young has been a rare ray of sunshine in what has been perhaps the most trying season in franchise history. 

The Southern California native and USC alum signed a $1.1 million deal with his hometown team during the summer 2013 free-agency period after the market for his talents never quite developed. Since then, not only has he led the league in scoring off the bench, but his 1,048 total points are also second on the club to Jodie Meeks.

Even more than his play on the court, however, Young's quirky, fun-loving attitude has won over many Lakers fans, despite the lackluster play of his team.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Young had several Lakers fans ready to engage him in a brief, impromptu Q&A session on his Twitter account.

When venturing into the depths of Young's Twitter feed, it becomes instantly clear that the shooting guard's two favorite words are "swag" and "LOL." Nick Young says LOL with the kind of frequency you might expect another native English speaker to say "the." If Young actually laughs out loud as often as he writes the word "LOL," then he should probably be committed to a mental institution.

As for the ubiquitous "swag," it was the subject of roughly half of the questions directed at the man known as "Swaggy P":

Personally, I wish someone would have followed up on that last response and asked Young if he is really writing a book.

After the swag queries, the next most popular subject broached by Lakers fans should come as no surprise: Young's relationship with Kobe Bryant. It always comes down to Kobe, doesn't it?

It should be noted that Bryant and Young did, in fact, play together this season...for six games. It's a small sample size, for sure, but Young didn't exactly suffer in those six games. He averaged 17.2 points per game during that time, virtually identical to his sea...

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