Nick Young Reportedly Not Present for D’Angelo Russell’s Apology

Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell sat down with teammates Wednesday to apologize for recording a video where guard Nick Young admitted to being unfaithful to fiancee Iggy Azalea. However, Young was reportedly not present at the meeting.

Mark Medina of reported Thursday that Young was not there by his "own choosing" and that Russell has not apologized directly to Young yet.

"Everybody accepted his apology," guard Jordan Clarkson said. "He has to handle it from where it's at right now. He has to stop worrying about everything. He just has to perform on the court."

Last Sunday, a video leaked onto gossip websites in which Young discussed bringing an unnamed woman home from a club. Russell was also featured in the video as the person asking Young questions.

The fallout has been unlike anything we've seen in NBA history. Baxter Holmes and Marc Stein of reported the No. 2 overall pick has become persona non grata in the Lakers locker room. Teammates have reportedly refused to sit with him at meals, and the report even highlighted an instance in which guard Lou Williams walked away when Russell sat near him in the locker room.

The Lakers suffered a 48-point loss to the Utah Jazz the day after the video became public. Russell has also taken a public flogging from former NBA players, who claim he broke the unwritten rules of the locker room—even if he did not mean to.

Former NBA forward Antonio Davis put it in perspective for's Arash Markazi:

If you're on my team, we spend so much time together and we go through everything together, we're more than just friends. We're like brothers because of everything we've gone through. So for your brother to do something like that and for it to end up on social media, that's lower than low. It says so much about [Russell]. I think it might get so bad that he's going to have to be traded. If I'm...

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