Nick Young on Clippers: ‘Let’s See How It Comes Down in the Postseason’

Times are tough in Laker land. The team has no fewer than four guards on the disabled list. They came into Friday's game against the rival Clippers having lost three games in a row and nine of their last 10.

And their crosstown rivals wasted little time in adding to the Lakers' woes, setting the tone with a 43-point first quarter and romping to a devastating 123-87 win. And that was without star point guard Chris Paul.

Things are so bad for the Lakers that even Kobe Bryant couldn't stand to watch. But don't worry, Lakers fans: You still have Nick Young to fight your battles (after the game, anyway).

Young—who scored 11 points on 3-of-14 shooting in Friday's loss—wasted no time throwing down the gauntlet on the Clippers from the safety of the locker room.

Per ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin:

Those are bold words, but what else would you expect from Swaggy P?

Does Young have a point? The Clippers made the playoffs in the first two seasons of the Chris Paul Era but won only a single series—the 2012 first round. In that same two-year period, the Lakers have also made the playoffs twice, winning just one series—the 2012 first round.

And who was on that 2012 Clippers team that won one series before getting swept out of the playoffs by the Spurs? Why, none other than Nick Young! Ergo, if anyone should be an expert on Clippers' playoff failures, it should be Nick Young.

Of course, Young's critics would argue that his Lakers might be better off spending less time worrying about the Clippers' playoff fate and more time worrying about simply making the playoffs themselves. With Friday's loss, the Lakers are now tied with the 14th-place Sacramento Kings in the loss column. 

But Nick Young has never been much for listening to critics.

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