Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson Comment on Sexual Harassment Allegations

Los Angeles Lakers guards Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson allegedly sexually harassed two women in Hollywood on Sunday, per Baxter Holmes of They responded to the allegations on Tuesday.

According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News, “their main message is to move forward and not get in a public disagreement.”

Clarkson also deemed the incident "a miscommunication on both sides," per Medina.

Greg Beacham of the Associated Press noted both players said the incident was “a misunderstanding.” Beacham also added Clarkson called the last 36 hours “crazy.”

On Wednesday, Young added, "I really just hate the fact that [people] can just say anything about a public figure and we as athletes ... etc. just have to take it."

Both Young and Clarkson "deferred to the Lakers" on whether they would talk with Alexis Jones—one of the alleged victims—in the aftermath of the incident, per Medina. Medina pointed out the Lakers did attempt to set up a talk between the players and Jones.

According to Holmes, Jones is an author and co-founder of the nonprofit I Am That Girl, "which aims to empower women." She is an activist who attempts to stop sexual harassment and domestic violence and has traveled around the country speaking on the topic.

The alleged incident occurred on Sunday evening when Jones and her mother were stopped at an intersection. A Jeep that had four men in it, including Clarkson and Young, pulled up next to Jones' car and made "'vulgar, sexual' gestures toward her mother," per Holmes.

She even tweeted out images she took of the two players and told the NBA "this has to stop":

The Lakers offered a response to the situation, via Serena Winters of TWC SportsNet:

Jones did acknowledge she was "inspired" by the Lakers' overall response, per Holmes, and team spokesman Joh...

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