New York Knicks vs. LA Lakers: Postgame Grades and Analysis

The Los Angeles Lakers won their fifth game in a row with a huge 100-94 victory over the New York Knicks.

In the second of five games on Christmas Day, the Knicks and Lakers seesawed back and forth for the duration of the game, neither team taking a double-digit-point lead.

As you can imagine, this was a terrific battle between Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, each ending up with more than 30 points.

Bryant played more in the flow of the offense than he did in Steve Nash's return against the Golden State Warriors days ago.

Overall, it was a wildly entertaining game, as the Lakers and Knicks consistently alternated between big offensive possessions and impressive (and at times unexpected) defensive stands.

While the Lakers were able to pull this one out, the Knicks still showed that they're going to continue to hang around the top of the league thanks to the brilliant play of Anthony.

Let's break this one down just a bit further and take a look at it piece by piece.

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