NBA Trades: Why Derek Fisher’s Departure Will Destroy Lakers’ Chemistry

The Los Angeles Lakers made a series of key acquisitions before the trade deadline passed, including a major upgrade at the point guard position.

With their trade for Ramon Sessions, the Lakers are now in possession their best facilitator since... Well, Kobe Bryant.

The issue is, a great facilitator doesn't always lead to great chemistry.

While Ramon Sessions' talent could potentially disprove such, the loss of both Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher certainly calls the containment of egos into question.

Over the past twelve years, the Los Angeles Lakers have won five NBA Championships. The three constants in those victories have been Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and guess who?

Derek Fisher.

While Fisher will never make an All-Star team due to of his production, his timely play is legendary in Lakers' history.

Between the 0.4 second shot and his three fourth quarter three-pointers against Dallas, it never seems to end.

The telling tale, however, is not his play. Not in the clutch, nor when he struggles.

The telling tale is the removal of the locker room leader—the removal of the man who every player in the NBA looks up to.

Derek Fisher currently serves as president of the National Basketball Players Association.


That role has been filled by all-time greats, including Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson and Patrick Ewing—a testament to how respected Derek Fisher was league-wide, and more specifically, the Lakers' locker room.

Unfortunately, Fisher is gone from the Lakers' locker room. Ramon Sessions is now the franchise point guard.

What's lost in the acquisition of a talented player is the fact that teams must re-adjust to each others' playing styles, individual tendencies and personalities—on, and off, the court.

Furthermore, the Lakers multiple egos, from stars to ...

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