NBA Trades and How They Affect the Lakers and the Playoff Picture

Well, this is a new landscape.  Where to start?  Lakers?  Good job against Atlanta.  You should beat a team like that by double digits.  Pau Gasol looked great and for once the team didn’t ease off the gas in the second half.  Good way to start off after the All Star Break.  The game against the Portland Trailblazers was a much better barometer though.  Finally, RonRon put down the cologne and the mix CDs and got down to earning his paycheck by playing some solid D and for some reason having a hot hand and getting a ton of shots to fall.  That’s the Ron Artest we need from here on out.


Speaking of getting hot?  Was that some kind of 2006 Kobe hologram playing?  Holy smokes!  I guess Portland forgot that when Kobe turns it on, he turns it ON.  There were a couple of his patented Jedi mind trick head fakes that were beautiful to watch.  Best part is the reaction from the other players when he hits those.  Lakers players are like….yep….that’s the Mamba.  Opponents are more, “Whu?  That’s for real?  That Kobe still exists?  I thought that was just in video games?!  I thought that was only on old SportsCenter highlight reels!”  Nope.  He can still bring it.


Speaking of which, Kobe played 45 minutes in this OT win.  I will never challenge his knowledge of his own body and how much exertion it can take.  That being said, I plan to continue to freak out over his minutes and knees and fingers all the way til the end of June. 


Next up for the Lakers are the Clippers.  Should be a fun game.  No Kias allowed this time. Blake.  It’s at Staples, so I expect the starters to start in front of the home crowd, but I’d also expect extended playing time from the bench.  I’d love to see...

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