NBA Trade Scenarios: Positions Each Team Hopes to Shore Up in the Offseason

The Playoffs are only a few short games away and many teams are already looking ahead to see how their teams can be improved by next season. (Or the next playable season)

Even if you have Kevin Durant at your small forward or Dwight Howard as your center, the chances are that your team could still do well to beef up in other areas. The brass of every NBA team does their best (or so we hope) to create complete teams that are capable of contending for championships. The problem is, reality gets in the way and things don't always turn out the way they planned. Now, certain teams are left with glaring holes in them that need to be addressed and every other team would admit to certain areas where they could use more depth and talent.

All of these teams (playoff bound or not), have two opportunities to shore up their shortcomings this coming offseason. They can fill the void via Free Agency/trade scenarios or they can do their research and come out of the draft with some fresh talent. It's the choice of bringing in the old wise ones or the fresh, athletic young ones. The choice they make could very well dictate the successes or failures they will continue to see for the short term of their franchise.

In this article, I will take a look at each NBA squad and figure out where they are lacking. I will determine which position needs saving the most on each line up and give my thoughts about what the team could possibly do in order to come back both stronger and more complete. Feel free to leave comments to agree or disagree, but let's keep it proactive folks.

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