NBA Trade Rumors: Would Deal for Picks Signal Change in L.A. Lakers Philosophy?

The Los Angeles Lakers are apparently making a push to trade their way into the first round of the upcoming NBA Draft, according to Fox Sports' Sam Amico.

Word is that the Lakers are interested in both Perry Jones and Quincy Miller of Baylor with what would presumably be a mid-round pick in order to improve their team through more orthodox means.

Now, as this is the natural chatter that comes from the days leading up to the NBA Draft, there are reasons to be skeptical. For one, Jim Buss said as recently as May 31st that he saw no reason to trade into the first round. Whether or not his mind has changed is something only he and members of the Lakers' front office knows.

What either of these players would bring to the Lakers is pretty obvious. Jones and Miller are both good at scoring, although with different approaches to getting the ball through the hoop.

Jones is an athletic freak of a power forward who can explode toward the rim and finish at the hoop or knock down a jumper from a decent distance, although he's not much of a force from the post.

Meanwhile, Miller is a wiry, long prospect who can shoot the ball as well as, if not better than Jones while creating his own shot with pretty good ball-handling skills.

The most important part of this rumor, however, is what it might mean for the Los Angeles Lakers philosophy going forward.

If they were to trade into the first round to get one of these guys, it seems to mean that they are taking a more traditional—some would say rational—approach to putting a team together, and it might mean more time in gold for Pau Gasol.

It's been touted quite often over the past month or so that the Lakers should trade Gasol, at least according to every armchair GM out there in the world. The plan there would be to ship Gasol off to a team for multiple pieces, getting change for a dollar if you will.


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