NBA Trade Rumors: Why Dwight Howard Should Wind Up in Los Angeles

Dwight Howard's era in Orlando has fallen off the deep end. These past few months have been exhausting for the Magic's front office. That signature cheeky smile has been hard to come by anymore.

He has become the terminal cancer for the Magic. Behind-the-scenes scuffles and contract issues have lead to more and more negativity surrounding No. 12.

The Magic are fed up with his antics and are ready to turn the page. The Nets are the most realistic trading partner, as the Cavaliers, Clippers, Magic and Nets are inching closer to signing on the dotted line.

But is it the right decision? The answer is no. The most attractive team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers made headlines recently by the acquisition of a veteran leader in Steve Nash to run the point. Los Angeles retrieved a proven winner and selfless teammate who makes everyone around him better.

With Nash handling the ball at center court, the Lakers chances of returning to their championship-caliber form are greatly strengthened. 

The opportunity to play with veteran leaders in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace and Nash is an opportunity that cannot be passed. Howard would be a fool to not join the party in Los Angeles.

With another year under the belt, Kobe isn't getting any younger. If the signing of Nash isn't a telltale sign that they want to win now, then I don't know what is. With Kobe's window of opportunity closing, the front office knows that it is now or never. 

Nash's Hall of Fame career could desperately use some color to accompany his name for good measure. Nash knows his time is also nearing the final chapter. But before he hangs up the uniform, he wants one last shot at making a title run.

Howard desperately wants to become a part of the winning formula and join the championship company as well. 

With Brooklyn, he will undeniably alleviate much of the ...

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