NBA Trade Rumors: Why Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers Are a Perfect Fit

Dwight Howard and the LA Lakers is a match too perfect for either side to resist. It would keep the Lakers dynasty rolling, and it would punch Dwight Howard's legend ticket.


Offensive Rewards

Howard and Pau Gasol would fit perfectly together. Their strengths align in a way that would give them the most complete front court in the NBA. 

With Pau, Howard would not be expected to carry the offensive with his limited low-post game.

This would leave Dwight free to roam to get into position to clean up on the offensive glass. He would also be hanging right there for the dump-off as double teams rotate to Gasol or a driving Kobe Bryant.


Defensive Rewards

The biggest benefit of this move would come on the defensive end. Andrew Bynum has offered the Lakers fleeting glimpses of what this defense would look like with a dominant center, but Howard would bring that every night.

Howard's intimidating and effective presence would allow Gasol to save his legs on the defensive end. It would mean that Gasol would have to spend very little time matched up on centers. It would also mean that Gasol would be able to focus on getting in the face of his man to eliminate his perimeter game. And that extends to everyone, not just Gasol.

With Howard lurking under the rim to clean up any penetration, defenders can be more aggressive on the perimeter.


Off-the-Court Glory

The lure of L.A. for Howard is about more than being great on the court. This opens countless doors of the court.

L.A. is the place that centers go to launch movie careers, recording contracts and offseason reality TV shows. Heck, in a few years, he may even marry one of the younger Kardashian sisters.

The bottom line is that Howard would become one of the richest athletes in all of sports.

  Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers