NBA Trade Rumors: Top 5 Rumors Circling L.A. Lakers During Lockout

The NBA lockout leaves us with plenty of time to twiddle our thumbs and imagine the possibilities. Under normal circumstances, we would be knee-deep in rumors that would send stars across the country to a new team. 

I am here to save you from the darkened doldrums of the lockout with some rumors to ponder and discuss. The best part is that they all have to deal with one of the most storied and dramatic sports teams of all time.

There really is no other perfect team to pick apart during this lockout offseason. There is always a title at stake. This team is always on the lookout to trade up to secure that their club is deep into the next postseason playoffs. 

You also have a cast of wonderful characters. From the sinister Black Mamba to the lovable goof, Ron Artest, this team is familiar with melodrama and soap opera-like personalities. 

Here we will break down the top five rumors that are circling the Staples Center at the moment. Some would greatly diminish the team's chances to compete for a title, and some are downright strange. 

With this team, you can't discount any of them. One thing is certain, the Lakers want to win. Sometimes that need blinds a club into tweaking the roster when none is needed. That is why I am confident that something drastic will be done when the lockout is lifted. 

The NBA draft proved to be fueled with Lakers rumblings. Those same discussions will continue after a new CBA is ratified. 

Here are the trades that will keep us warm during a cloudy offseason. We don't have much, but at least we have trade rumblings and innuendo to keep us fat and happy. 

The Lakers may be dormant for the time being, but that doesn't mean the talks stay quiet. Here are the top five rumors surrounding the Lakers. 

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