NBA Trade Rumors: LA Lakers, NY Knicks and 5 Best Suitors for Steve Nash

Lack of any progress regarding the NBA lockout has fans worrying about whether or not there will be basketball played at all next season.

As dark as the outlook is now though, we must try and stay positive, and salvage the situation as best as possible.

Yes, the lockout is a hindrance and stands as a symbol of what is wrong with the professional sports market today, but despite this, there are other pressing matters to be discussed.

 Like Steve Nash for instance.

While Phoenix maintains that they have no intention of unloading him, and Nash has pledged his allegiance to the Suns on countless occasions, a trade, should business ever resume as usual, is a very real possibility.

The Suns are entering rebuilding mode, and Nash really has not future there.  Phoenix may want to move him to a contender or a team that becomes a contender with him, as a reward for the loyalty he has shown the organization. 

Additionally, it may be in the Suns’ best interests to get value for Nash while he is still a commodity.

His 14.7 points and 11.4 assists per game would be welcomed by any team, no matter how old he may be on paper.

And without further ado, let us put the lockout on the back-burner and take a look at the top five teams who may be interested in pursuing a trade for Nash.

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