NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Moves To Improve the Lakers Before the Trade Deadline

Never before in their back-to-back title seasons have the Lakers faced a greater confluence of adversities. Injured, inept, or just otherwise under-performing, the Lakers have slipped to third (nearly fourth) in the West, and have at times looked overmatched against the other titans of the league.

So, do the Lakers need a shakeup? The almost part-owner of the Detroit Pistons weighed in here.

Okay, so it’s definitive then. Let’s make a move.

The following takes into consideration two factors: One, the trade would either keep on track or provide stimulus to this year’s title run; and two, it would lay the foundation for the Lakers to contend again AB (After Bryant).

Only straight up trades were looked at—finding another team who is both standing to benefit from a trade and at the same time willing to help the Lakers was a little too metaphysical for my tastes. I also considered who the Lakers are as a team rather then just who might be available. If LA is looking for a point, I don’t know that Andre Miller is the guy they’re looking for.

The following are some moves that could help the Lakers.

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