NBA: The 15 Best Duos and Trios of the Last 20 Years

The trade deadline has finally come to an end with Deron Williams headed to the Nets, and Melo going to the Garden to play with Amar'e.

The continued trend in the NBA is superstars wanting to play with other superstars. It got me contemplating the best tandems and trios of the last 20 years. Lately, analysts and pundits have discussed how this is a new tendency in the NBA, and how this is good and bad for different reasons. 

However, this is not a new thing in the NBA. This has been happening since the league's inception. Stars don't always develop the chemistry and comradery together, so it doesn't always result in rings, which people tend to forget.

The criteria for my list consists of longevity, statistics and most importantly- Championships. So with that, here is my list of the top-15 duos and trios in the NBA over the last 20 years.

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