NBA Teams Pau Gasol Should Be Keeping His Eye on

Pau Gasol will likely keep an eye on the playoffs to determine the team he wishes to join this summer. There are probably a few squads that Gasol will be rooting against with the hope of joining one of them in the offseason.

Indeed, if Gasol joins a team that gets eliminated this postseason and wins the title next year, it will be a clear sign that he was the missing piece.

Hence, we will take a look at this year’s title contenders and see how Gasol would fit with them. In order to figure out which teams will generate the most interest, we will look at their rosters, style of play and actual title chances.

In our premise, the better the team, the less likely it is Gasol signs there because his role might not be as big as initially anticipated, and the team could very well win the title without major contributions from him.

Some might want to attach a financial component to the decision-making process, but Gasol has already made it clear over at that money will not play a big part when he picks where to sign.

Still, for the sake of clarity, we will iron out contract details to ensure that his free-agent decision is actually realistic.

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