NBA Success: The Most Successful NBA Players Of The Last 25 Seasons (1984-2010)

The NBA All-Star Game is coming up, and it will honor the best individual players in the NBA for this season. With that in mind, I wanted to rank the most individually successful players of the last 25 years. First it was tough because I didn't know what to do with players that had been playing (Bird, Magic, Kareem). As a result, I decided to rank those that had been drafted between 1984-2009.

Then, how to rank them? I don't have spare time to watch film of all the players since then, and I don't have good enough memories to keep the late 80s or 90s alive. So, I decided to rank the players on success. Combining stats, accolades, and winning (both regular and postseason), I was able to formulate a list that I feel is relatively accurate on players' career. Some players are on the list for stats and accolades without a title while another doesn't have a single All-Star appearance but have 7 rings. Combining everything, including seasons that ended without titles, was difficult, but I feel the players are in accurate places relative to each other.

Obviously, current players had a tougher time climbing the list because they have played fewer seasons. Still, I think it prevents the newer players to gain an edge because they are fresher in our minds. Maybe, in a few years, this list will be upside down, similar, or the exact same. Regardless, I feel I have come up with an accurate list of the most individually successful players drafted since 1984.

**Note** I am not going to include any stats, All-Stars, or anything else from this year.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome.

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