NBA Speculation: Why Andrew Bynum’s Erratic Behavior Will Doom L.A. Lakers

Ever since the All-Star Break, where he enjoyed the very first and well-deserved All-Star nomination of his young career, Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum has reportedly been a disruptive force on the bench and in the locker room.

His recent wrap sheet is piling up.

Shooting ill-advised three-point shots in games, getting benched and joking about it with teammates.

Insisting on taking more three-point shots when speaking with the media.

Not joining in team huddles during timeouts.

Playing loud music in the Lakers locker room and reportedly being "disrespectful" to staff and teammates for the past three weeks.

As a budding superstar, it's only natural for Bynum to clash with authority and to walk to the beat of his own drum. It's also hard to believe that Bynum, a beloved and personable character in the Lakers locker room, would be "disrespectful" to the teammates and staff that adore him.

Still, it's alarming for the simple fact that he can become completely disengaged from the team and his coach at the flip of a switch.

Call it brash immaturity or the simple growing pains of a NBA superstar, but if Bynum's recent erratic behavior becomes a repeated pattern down the line, the Lakers' hopes for another title are in serious jeopardy.

Drew is unquestionably the lynch pin to the Lakers success come playoff time.

Recall what happened to the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals versus the Boston Celtics with Bynum on the sidelines?

Remind me what happened in the 2010 playoffs when a 60 percent Bynum battled through torn cartilage in his knee to be on the court for his team until the end?

And even Tuesday night, when the Lakers squandered a huge double-digit lead to the lowly New Jersey Nets with Andrew sitting on the bench to nurse a tweaked left ankle?

His presence alone is enough to take the Lakers over the top, a...

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