NBA Scoring Machines: Top Scorers Who Play Less Than Half a Game

I was going to compile a list regarding the most productive players in the NBA, but it has been way overdone as of the late, so I decided it would be interesting to compile a list of the best scoring players so far in the 2010-11 NBA season.

The one hitch is that none of these players even average 24 minutes per game so far in the season.

In fact, some of the players on this list haven't even played 24 total minutes on the season, but this was really easy to calculate.

Say a player scores 10.0 points in 20.0 minutes per night; well, that would equal .500 points per minute. I analyzed every single player in the NBA who played under 24 minutes per game and divided how many points they scored by how many minutes they played.

Only 14 players in the NBA who play under 24 minutes a night scored over .500 points per minute. 

Here is that list. 

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