NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Should Target Ray Allen This Offseason

After losing to the Thunder in the second round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, it was clear that the Lakers must tinker their current roster if they hope on making the NBA Finals next year. While everyone is talking about trading Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, one of the Lakers' biggest weaknesses this year was their bench. One player who could help them out would be sharpshooter Ray Allen.

The 6’5” shooting guard was born in California, and returning back to his home state would be a great fit for both parties. With Avery Bradley emerging as the shooting guard of the future for the Celtics, Allen is more expendable than ever.

Ray Allen would be perfect for the Lakers bench. After trading Lamar Odom to Dallas before the season and having Shannon Brown sign with Phoenix in free agency, Los Angeles lost two players they could rely on to give them instant offense off the bench.

Allen is arguably the greatest shooter in league history, and although his numbers went down this season, he should be able to give the Lakers double digit points off the bench. At the very least, they will have a player who will be able to provide offense when Kobe needs to take a rest.

While the Lakers don’t have a ton of cap space, Allen would probably take a pay-cut to play for a championship contender. If not, it's possible Ramon Sessions will decide not to exercise his player option. Also, they can use their amnesty clause on Metta World Peace.

Signing Ray Allen hopefully would bring the city of Los Angeles another title in 2013. It’s up to Lakers' management to sign him this off-season. 

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