NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Must Swing for the Fences and Steal Dwight Howard

From a basketball perspective, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard aren't much different.

If anything, Bynum probably has the higher upside and is still improving his post skills, whereas Howard is what Howard will be for the rest of his career.

In short, the smart decision would really be to stand pat and keep Bynum in the fold.

Cedric Ceballos, who once played for the Lakers, has similarly acknowledged as much.

But, alas, there's more to this game than making the smart move–especially if you're the Los Angeles Lakers.

General manager Mitch Kupchak's mandate isn't simply to build the best team—it's to build the best phenomenon. The only thing more marketable than a Big Four that includes Steve Nash is one that also includes Dwight Howard.

It should be no surprise, then, that Los Angeles has reappeared on the Orlando Magic's map of potential destinations for Howard.

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Lakers could become part of a three-team deal that would send Howard to Los Angeles, Bynum to the Houston Rockets and presumably a flurry of draft picks and young assets back to Orlando:

Sources told that the Rockets are discussing a multitude of trade scenarios with the Magic, offering to serve both as the team that would acquire Howard in a direct trade between the clubs and also as a third team that would participate in a trade that lands Howard with the Lakers and brings All-Star center Andrew Bynum to Houston.

Would it make sense in terms of actually making the Lakers better?


Howard is a superior defender at the moment, and he's a more athletic, explosive presence inside the paint. But, despite being two years older than the Lakers center, Howard doesn't have Bynum's touch from mid-range nor his post-up skills.

As the two get on in years, Bynum's reliance upon skills over sheer ...

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