NBA Rumors: LA Lakers Foolish to Put off Potential Lamar Odom Return

After the Los Angeles Lakers sent off forward Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks for virtually nothing, the team has shown that they could really use the depth that he provided. The only problem is, the Lakers apparently don't want anything to do with him.

According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, Odom is desperate for a return to LA. The feeling isn't mutual though.

I'm told that Lamar Odom is desperate to go back to L.A. The Lakers will not take him. The Clippers would love to make that deal, but they don't have the pieces that Dallas would want right now because Dallas wants expiring contracts to be a free-agent player. But don't be surprised if Lamar Odom makes his way back to L.A. It just won't be this season.

As Bucher mentions, the Lakers have all their eggs in one basket. That being the one for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, who still hasn't had a clear path for his future as the trade deadline quickly approaches.

The thing is, the Lakers cannot even trade for Odom since teams cannot reacquire players that they trade during the same season. The only way they could acquire him is if the Mavericks were to waive him.

According to, the team last week continued to deny reports that they are dropping Odom, as he was dealing with family matters.

According to the source, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also denied the talk, stating to ESPN Dallas:

"We haven't discussed a buyout and we wouldn't do a buyout,” Cuban wrote in an email to ESPN Dallas. “No chance that happens at all. We want to help Lamar work through any personal issues and expect him to be a valuable contributor to the Mavs this season. Players go through challenges from time to time and we try to be (an) organization that fully supports our players when things are challenging for them. We will do the same for Lamar."

While everyone understands Cuban's desire to keep...

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