NBA Rumors : Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson Wants the NFL Back in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles has wanted an NFL team to return and with the support of Magic Johnson, it now seems like a serious possibility.  

The 51 year old NBA Hall of Famer told the Los Angeles Times that he "really, really wants the NFL to come back to L.A. Would I be interested? Of course, I will be interested. Have I talked to anybody? No. But I would do that in two seconds."

Johnson has also had ownership talks with NBA teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons, although not much has come out of it.

Magic Johnson has recently sold his small ownership stake of the Lakers, as well as the Starbucks outlets he had owned, which means he has plenty of money to spend.  

For how much you may ask? Well, he sold his 4.5 percent stake in the Lakers for an estimated $27 million, along with his 105 Starbucks coffeehouse franchises for a reported $75 million. Now with an extra $102 million at his will, it is sure that Magic Johnson will buy ownership of some sports team in the near future.

Johnson also told the LA Times, "I'll be looking at every opportunity because I'm a businessman and that's what I do. I look at deals every day."

Los Angeles has been deprived of an NFL team since after the 1994 season, when the Rams and Raiders left.

Now with Magic Johnson's passionate support, it is highly likely L.A. will see an NFL team in the near future.

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