NBA Rumors: Breaking Down Teams That Should Trade for Ben Gordon

With the 2012 NBA season getting close to the end, there is already rumors of trade talks.

Bulls’ insider Sam Smith tells about the possibility that former Chicago star shooting guard Ben Gordon could be on the move:

Ben’s in. I’ve been hearing that the Pistons believe they’ll have something going for Ben this offseason.

There are plenty of teams on the market that will be looking for a stellar shooting guard, and Gordon may be the kind of player that could be great again under a different system.

His career is dying in Detroit.


Chicago Bulls

While it would take some salary cap work, the Chicago Bulls would love to get back the shooting guard in Ben Gordon that should have never left. That’s what big money does to a person’s judgment.

Like a jilted lover that comes back to the arms of the person they left, Gordon would love to become part of a Bulls team that desperately needs help at shooting guard.

Add in the possibility that Derrick Rose may not be ready to start 2012, and trading for Gordon does not seem as far-fetched as it did when he originally left the team in 2009.


Los Angeles Lakers

Besides Kobe Bryant, there is no depth at either guard position for the Lakers. With more than one expendable contract, Los Angeles has the pieces and desire needed to get a deal done with Detroit for Gordon.

Gordon could walk onto that Lakers team from Day 1 and be the bench player that could take pressure off Kobe Bryant and keep the points coming when the Los Angeles star is on the bench.

The fans also cannot forget that Gordon has played some point guard in his career and could help run the offense with Kobe on the floor late in games. If anyone can benefit from the Bryant double teams, it’s Ben Gordon.


Golden State ...

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