NBA Rumors: 5 Reasons Why Dwight Howard and the Lakers Are Not a Good Fit

After the colossal collapse by the Lakers in the 2011 Western Conference Semis and the lack of class and heart the team displayed during the series, speculation started immediately about who needed to be shipped out.

It makes perfect sense to make some moves now. The Lakers seem to be too old, too slow and too dysfunctional to make another run at a title. Lakers legend “Magic” Johnson even sounded off and encouraged management to blow the team up.

With an aging Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol seeming to regress in the playoffs, it might be a good idea to package some of the L.A. veterans and make a deal to bring in another superstar. The name most talked about in trade rumors is Orlando Magic, big man, Dwight Howard.

Howard can terminate his contract next season and it might be in Orlando's best interest to try and trade him now why they can get some value for him. 

Howard has not commented publicly on his future but the assumption is he would welcome a trade to another team especially one with the talent and rich history that the Lakers have.

Although it seems to be a good fit on paper, Dwight Howard might not be the answer to the Lakers problems.

Here are five reasons why Dwight Howard and the Lakers are not a good fit.

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