NBA Rankings: The 15 Biggest Second Option Playoff Shots of All Time

First, to get it out of the way, this list applies to players who are not considered the number one scoring option on the team; the players who usually don''t have the final play drawn up for them.

This list does contain a few players that are the team's second leading scorer, but either are overshadowed by a dominant clutch force on the team, or haven't historically come through in those circumstances.

These are the role-players, the sixth men, the journeymen, the unsure and the just-plain-lucky, who've been thrust into the ultimate pressure cooker whether they like it or not.

Alas, this may still be a point of serious contention for some readers due to the fact that being a role-player sometimes means that your role is to hit huge game-ending shots, a la Robert Horry.  Still, that trait is exceedingly rare, and if that is your role then maybe the Hall of Fame should consider clutch assassins and indomitable winners more highly in its selection.

That being said, any NBA or sport aficionado will tell you that winning is the most important measure of posterity and true greatness.

Well on that level, as you'll see, the following players deserve some of that distinction.

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