NBA Predictions 2011: How the Season Will Play out for the Los Angeles Lakers

If you thought the Lakers were embarrassed enough by the Dallas Mavericks' sweep to end last season, then check out what's happened to them over this last week.

Just when the league was back from its lockout and L.A. fans were beginning to write out 'd.y.nasty' once again, David Stern stepped in and blocked a trade that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lake Show.

And Derek Fisher thought David Stern was done messing with the league. Chris Paul's internet reaction said it all: "WoW"!

What made things worse was that this nixed trade has left a bitter taste in the mouths of trade bait Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol...and they aren't the only ones hurt.

The Lakers' whole frontline feels trenched as Andrew Bynum deleted his Twitter account following too many tweets from Lakers fans anticipating his exit for a new Lakers Magic man in the form of Dwight Howard.

With the controversial Chris Paul trade-stopper silencing other NBA news for a minute—including the Dwight Howard rumors—the focus is now on the fallout this situation has left on the Los Angeles Lakers that are already a team in a state of disarray.

The Lakers could have received (and still could, as a deal in the works is still being negotiated) their most real point guard since Magic Johnson in the superstar Paul. At least they managed to sign hot-shot vet Jason Kapono who gives them their most real three-point shooter since...erm Mike Penberthy.

As Kapono will come off the bench hot and spread the floor, the big plays he make will help make up the little things that will make the 2011/2012 Lakers that much greater. Still the Staples floor could be spread even further if more big guns leave...and that isn't a good thing.

Sure, the prospect of Kobe being joined by Chris Paul and Dwight Howard to form the league's next big-three is one hell of a Lebron, Wade and Bosh matching dream come true ...

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