NBA Power Rankings: Six Teams With Legitimate Championship Title Hopes

We're a little over halfway through the NBA season. June isn't too far away and David Stern will be presenting the Larry O'Brien Trophy to a team before we know it.

It's never too early to ponder who exactly will be receiving the hardware and with each passing week we get a clearer picture of who the contenders and pretenders of the league are.

While we always have to be ready for the surprise playoff run of a middle-or-lower seeded team, there are some general factors that are evident in championship-level squads. This will be discussed shortly.

There are also some teams that are very close and have bright futures ahead but are not quite there yet.

These are teams that will make the playoffs and could put a scare into one of the favorites. They will ultimately fall short, however, but will have the added advantage of experience in the coming years.

Teams of that nature will also be looked into before we get to those ready to win it all right now.

First, though, let's look at the normal indicators of a championship team.

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