NBA Playoffs: Top 5 Biggest Misconceptions About the Postseason

Perhaps it's because of our statistics-oriented sports culture that there is an ongoing perception in some circles that there is a specific way to predict the outcome of the postseason simply by looking at a few patterns.

If the team is playing well over the course of several games prior to the playoffs, it will advance. If a team has playoff experience or championship experience, then it is the team to beat. If a team has slumped in the final weeks leading up to the playoffs, that team is in for an early exit. If a team is making a playoff appearance as the top scoring team in the conference, it is dangerous.

NBA playoff analysis is a fairly predictable science. It is largely based on assertions according to recent trends in the playoffs and regular season, rather than gauging other variables that come into play.

This is the list of the five most oft-cited, though often bogus, claims in assessing the odds of a team's success in the postseason.

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