NBA Playoffs: Todays Point Guards Are Better Than Shooting Guards 10 Years Ago

One of the biggest headlines going in to the 2011 NBA Playoffs is the effect that this wave of point guard's has had on the league. A trend that has developed during the last few seasons. Scoring has dramatically increased in recent years, in no small part to restrictions of defensive rules that now favor the floor generals.

Basketball has long been a sport dominated by big men, but this year could be the first time the best player on a championship team has been a point guard since the Showtime Lakers.

Five point guards made the NBA All-Star game this year and the league's MVP award will most likely be given to a point guard.

Chris Paul. Derrick Rose. Russel Westbrook. Deron Williams. The best point guards in the game are quickly being recognized as superstars throughout the league. The list of great point guards is the largest it's been in years.

This far from the days when Jason Kidd was by far and away the best point guard in the NBA. Similar to how Shaquille O' Neal use to dominant the center position.

A similar phenomenon happened to the shooting guard position at the turn of the 20th century. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, that position was synonymous with Michael Jordan. Their were other great shooting guards in the league at the time such as: Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond and Clyde Drexler, but this position was lacking in-depth. By the time the 21st century rolled around, this position featured some exciting young stars and productive veterans.

Despite the effect that Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and others had during the early days of the post-MJ era and during the third chapter of his playing career, today's point guards are better than the shooting guards of 10 years ago.

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