NBA Playoffs 2012: Who’s to Blame for Los Angeles Lakers’ Postseason Failure?

Game 5 was close—that is, until the Oklahoma City Thunder zoomed away in the fourth quarter to a 106-90 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. And with that, the 2012 Lakers were done.

Frankly, it looks as though the 2008-2012 Lakers died out there, as Monday night loudly shouted that the current team can't compete for titles anymore. 

So, who's to blame for "not good enough"?

Frankly, I'd place most of the onus on NBA Commissioner David Stern's veto of the Chris Paul trade and L.A.'s management. Age has made the current crew vulnerable, and it lacks San Antonio's continuity. 

Apart from that, blame should fall on Kobe Bryant. I'm not sure the Lakers could have won this series had Bryant played differently, but his insistence on maintaining a volume-scoring approach siphoned needed touches from Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

Also, Gasol should get some blame for an up-and-down playoff performance (against Denver, it was often "down"), and Bynum should get some blame for making transition defense all but impossible. 

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