NBA Playoffs 2012: Andrew Bynum’s Triple-Double Trouble Against Denver No-Gets

So, what do you think Mike Brown has to say for Bynum’s outstanding performance for the Lakers today against the Denver Nuggets?

His thought was not to bench him during the fourth quarter this time, that’s for sure.

Andrew Bynum, the 7'0", 285-pound center for the Lakers, put up a triple-double with 10 points, 13 rebounds and 10 blocks. His triple double was the first one seen in a Lakers playoff game since the ‘91 finals against the Bulls.

Surprising? No, not at all. With six years of experience, Andrew Bynum should be performing at this level on a regular basis and the fact that he fails to is disappointing. His size is nearly impossible to matchup against as we saw in all three Nuggets’ centers, McGee, Koufos and Mozgov, who all had difficulty scoring and defending. JaVale McGee, who averages 11 points and seven rebounds per game, went 0-6 from the field, scoring only two points from a pair of free throws.

We all know that Andrew Bynum has the potential and ability to have double-doubles in every game. Again, he has the experience and the size, but his personality is not quite matching up. We have witnessed all the ups and downs throughout Bynum’s career due to his quick temper.

Recently, Bynum has been at odds with coach Mike Brown because of his decisions to bench him. Because of Bynum’s three-point shot attempt with plenty of time left on the shot clock against the Warriors along with other stunts of immaturity, Brown felt it was best for the Lakers to pull Bynum out of the game. If he’s not going to take the game seriously, then coach Brown will put someone in who will.


Last week, Bynum was also benched against the Oklahoma City Thunder for the fourth quarter and overtime while watching Jordan Hill take his place, scoring 14 points and 15 rebounds. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol put on game-winning performances co...

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