NBA Playoffs 2012: A Rant About the Pride-Less LA Lakers

I've always wanted to go to Coachella, and in a way, I got my wish Thursday night...

With never-ending comparisons to the great MJ, the media could not keep themselves from making another one in the Game 6 action versus the Denver Nuggets, as Kobe fought through a stomach virus. What the focus really should have been on, is the first ever NBA playoff game played by four starting holograms, which is what the weakened Kobe had to play with.

You'd think a team would rally together to help their superstar for one lousy game, but nothing that makes sense in life was relevant in Thursday night's thing they called a game. 

In a 113-96 victory, the Nuggets tied the series at 3-3 and carry over a momentum that could give Los Angeles a serious scare. Did I mention that Pau Gasol went 1-of-10 from the field for three points and three rebound on the night? 

Game 6 was simply an utter disgrace in terms of effort and anything that revolves around the word "respectable." The Lakers didn't want to play, and it honestly might have been better if they hadn't shown up at all to the Pepsi Center floor.

There aren't many moments where this can be said, but I think we all felt bad for Kobe in some way or form, as he was virtually alone in a game that wasn't ever going to be close. With the premature comments made by Andrew Bynum in relation to close-out games being "easy," and the lackadaisical mentality of the Lakers in Game 5, it's really no surprise as to how the latest contest panned out. 

Believe it or not, the Lakers were indeed within six points in the second quarter and, foolishly, many of us smelt a Laker comeback in the making. What we didn't expect is a repeat of the Memorial Day Massacre led by none other than the almighty Corey Brewer.

With everything considered, can the Nuggets now win the series?


At this point, a...

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