NBA Playoffs 2011: Andrew Bynum’s Knee and Other Los Angeles Lakers Problems

The Los Angeles Lakers have some very realistic weaknesses right now.

Personally, I wasn't ready to abandon ship with the Los Angeles Lakers, even when they stumbled to five straight losses. Losing streak included, the Lakers are still 18-6 since the All-Star break.

To put that number into perspective, the "slumping" Lakers' post All-Star break record is identical to that of the Denver Nuggets, who most people consider to be the hottest team in the league.

Also, the Lakers didn't exactly come into last year's postseason playing their best basketball either. Los Angeles finished the season winning four out of their final 11 games, but once the playoffs began, the Lakers got down to business and won another ring.

This year is different. Limping into the playoffs on poor play is one thing, but literally limping into the playoffs is a much bigger deal.

The Lakers have realistic concerns and weaknesses right now that could prevent them from winning the title.

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