NBA Playoff Schedule 2011: 10 Teams with the Most Difficult Path to the Finals

This time of year may be the best time of year that sports has to offer. We just finished up an epic March Madness, the NFL Draft is approaching, and the 2011 NBA playoffs are just around the corner. From what the NBA season has shown us thus far, anything can be expected during this year's race to the finish. Which teams will show up this weekend and which teams will falter under the bright lights?

The NBA title is not easy to achieve and all 16 teams should have their work cut out for them if they want to hoist that trophy. No one's path will be easy. We should all expect the unexpected.

So keep in mind, while every team will have a difficult time, these are the 10 teams that will have the toughest path to the NBA Finals. The first five slides will be the five lower-seeded teams that have the hardest paths. The last five slides will consist of the contending high seeded teams that will have the toughest time. That's the way I broke it down.   

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