NBA Playoff Predictions: Predicting the Outcome of Every Round

It is commonplace for everyone who writes to carry an opinion. Whether they are right or wrong, biased or not, people have a view on what the future holds. In college basketball, it truly is March Madness in trying to figure out what is going to happen when the tournament begins.

That is not the same when it comes to the NBA. There is the one series (possibly two) that don't go according to plan. After that, what is expected to happen by the majority far and wide usually happens. I expect this season to be another one based on majority winning.

The Playoff seedings can still fluctuate at this time, but we are starting to narrow in on how things should look when the 82 game season is completed. I am basing my seeds on this weekend's listings. So for any of you who think San Antonio is going to lose every game they have left this season and lost the No. 1 seed, hold off on that assessment.

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