NBA Playoff Predictions: Analyzing Each Team’s Biggest Strength

There are sixteen teams getting ready to head into the playoffs in just a few weeks, and each of them has their own plan to take out the competition.

Some teams rely most heavily on their star power. You know these teams by their "big three's" or gruesome twosomes. Their supporting cast may not be all that bad, but at the end of the day it's going to be the big money maker that's their best shot of them moving on to the next round.

Some teams rely more on veteran leadership than their powerhouse players. Between the coaches on the bench, and the savvy veteran players coming off of the bench, there is much playoff experience. These teams will have to band together, and utilize this valuable experience they have, if they want any chance of defeating the power house players in their prime.

Still there are other teams who go by what I like to call the "Pistons of 04' route". They have talented players, the coach is knowledgeable, but their real strength is how well they play together as a complete team. These teams rely on chemistry to pull them through at the end of the day, and get wins together.

No matter which playoff hopeful you're a fan of, I'm hear to let you know what your teams biggest strength is going into the post season. Every hopeful team has something special to offer, so look no further to find out exactly what that is.

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