NBA Offseason: Who Is More Clutch, Kobe Bryant or Dirk Nowitzki?

Clutch is a funny word in the NBA. Defined by many, understood by few, people try to analyze it in various ways.

For some, it's the ability to play with any game on the line, while others believe its true form comes in the playoffs. Some base their opinion of it on stats, looking at points, percentages and such, while others refer to game-winning shots their favourite athletes hit, often forgetting about the many shots they have missed.

Perhaps the largest group believes that the most clutch player in the NBA will be the one they'd like to see take the last shot for their team.

These varied interpretations of the word clutch lead to show how differently we look at clutch.

Let's start with the highlight guy, Kobe Bryant. Kobe has always been a poor man's Michael Jordan, making it extremely obvious with his style, his highlights and competitive spirit. Much like his "master," Kobe is known for his abilities in the clutch, making the big shot when it matters most, and such.

Having compiled a great resume of clutch shots, if you ask most people about which current player they'd like taking the last shot, the answer will be the Black Mamba. The way Kobe has created a name for himself is admirable, and, once again, extremely similar to Jordan's marketing.

Just to show you the extent of the brand, let's see the most memorable moment of the 2006 playoffs: the buzzer beater to win Game 4 by Bryant. Classified as one of the greatest playoff moments of all time, the image and Kobe's clutch performance are indeed something for the ages. The Game 4 win gave the Lakers a 3-1 lead against the favoured Suns—a lead that the Lakers later blew, something that should never happen.

Now, you see...I get why Jordan's shot against the Cavs is so wonderful. It won a series against an arch-rival. This shot just set up a great comeback by the Steve Nash-led Suns, yet people tend to forget that, because of ...

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