NBA Lockout: 5 Reasons Why Players Going Overseas Is Bad for the NBA

The league-wide NBA lockout was a result of a broken business model which has cost NBA owners millions of dollars annually. As a result of the work stoppage, high profile NBA superstars such as Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant and even Dwyane Wade have considered leaving their cushy American lifestyle in exchange for a plane ticket abroad.

Although globalizing the NBA has been commissioner David Stern’s goal for several years, I doubt this is the scenario he had in mind. As the lockout discussions continue to heat up over the coming months, it will be interesting to see which stars stay and which ones end up calling the owners’ bluff.

Whether the trend becomes a legitimate way for players to earn a living during the lockout or whether it is merely an aberration, here are five reasons why these overseas stints would be bad for the NBA.

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