NBA History: Why Michael Jordan Is Better Than Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? There can only be one, but which one? We must choose, but choose wisely. 

Comparisons have been made between Jordan and Kobe since Kobe Bryant was drafted out of Lower Merion High School into the NBA in 1996. Both players are indisputably among the best to ever play in the National Basketball Association.

Many think of Michael Jordan as the mentor and Kobe Bryant as the apprentice. Even though they never played on the same team, Kobe's game unmistakeably mimics Jordan's, and everyone who knows basketball is aware that Jordan would give Kobe tips on the court to help his up and coming star shine brighter.

If you were Kobe Bryant and grew up watching Jordan's amazing performances year after year, then wouldn't you try to mimic Jordan? After all, who doesn't want to be like Mike? I think we all tried, but only Kobe did it with any level of success—though how successful was he? Did the apprentice grow stronger and better than the master himself?

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