NBA Free Agents 2012: Brandon Roy and the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are left search for answers after a disappointing series against the Oklahoma City Thunder this year. People want to talk about maybe getting Dwight Howard, or Deron Williams, or even both to extend the Kobe Bryant-era Lakers.

Reports are surfacing from that Brandon Roy is considering a comeback, and wold want to play for the Lakers. The former All-Star was forced to retire in 2011 due to a debilitating knee injury.

Well, this is intriguing. Only a year ago, Roy was an All-Star franchise player, who averaged 20/5/5. He is no doubt not the same guy if he was forced to file for medical retirement.

But let's assume if he's thinking of coming back, he is in decent shape and he can get up and down the floor. 

This long-time Lakers fan believes that even if Roy is a little less than half the player he was before, he will be the best point guard the Lakers have had in the Kobe era.

Yes, point guard.

Although Roy has lined up as the two-guard for Portland for five years, he's spent considerable time being the point man, especially in crunch time and averaging close to five assists per game for his career. Also, I don't think Kobe would be good with losing minutes to anybody.

Speaking of Kobe, I think he'd be in love with this move. Whether they get Deron Williams or Dwight Howard, the Lakers could absolutely use a locker-room leader like Roy.

Here's a guy who lost everything due to his knees and he's absolutely dying, hungry to get back on a contender so he can make meaning out of his basketball career. He's a jack of all trades guy who will fill any hole you need. He'll also be the second-hardest worker on the team, next to Kobe himself.

I still believe the Lakers need to get Deron Williams. But Roy would still have a place on the team as the 20-minute per game facilitator.

I think the guard combinations would be aweso...

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