NBA Free Agency 2012: Why LA Lakers Pursuit of Dwight Howard Makes No Sense

Not this again. According to Yahoo Sports, the Lakers are once again trying to get Dwight Howard to come play for the Lakers. The Magic have remained steadfast that they will absolutely not give up Dwight without getting Andrew Bynum, the Lakers All-Star center, in return.

I'm personally disgusted by this. As a Lakers fan, I don't want this guy in a purple and gold uniform. He's been the biggest prima donna in sports for the last few years and doesn't want to be here. He literally will not sign anywhere other than the Brooklyn Nets.

There is no denying that Howard is a tremendous on-court talent. He's fast, athletic, protects the rim and, save for his free-throw shooting, is actually a decent low-post player. But he isn't the low-post player Bynum is. He isn't as refined and doesn't have as many moves.

Dwight is immature and can easily be influenced by non-basketball distractions, such as how much he's the center of attention. He whines and complains until he gets what he wants like a baby. He'd bristle at the idea of Kobe Bryant being the man, even though he's proven time and time again he can't be the best player on a title team.

He can't create his own shot or hit a free throw to save his life. He doesn't understand the Laker tradition of dominant centers. It's alarming that the alleged "best big man" in the game has no interest in going to the best franchise in basketball history because he's afraid of being Shaquille O'Neal's shadow. Why not? He already stole his nickname.

The Lakers don't need to trade for a center whose effort wanes and doesn't match his talent. They already have one. Mitch Kupchak needs to stay away. 

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