NBA Finals: How the Miami Heat Will Challenge the LA Lakers for the NBA Title


The Miami Heat have been losing games, and losing badly.

Not by blow-outs necessarily other than that embarrassing 30 point loss to the San Antonio Spurs last week.

They've been losing badly because the losses have been close, usually with them leading at some point in the fourth quarter, only to see their lead and the game slip away by clutch play by their opponents.

Losing badly because they can't execute defense or offense late in the games.

Losing badly because they've been losing to teams they have no business losing to, like the New York Knicks or even the Orlando Magic.

Losing badly because the Heat have been crying after losing again to the Chicago Bulls, in the locker room, perhaps hiding it from one another by sobbing in the showers, and then huddling and cuddling together in tears in the dressing room like they just lost a child or parent.

The Heat have been losing badly and in a very bad way indeed.

So much so that most short-sighted NBA "fans" will now write off the Heat because they've lost four games in a row and five games out of six, just like how these same "fans" declared the Heat to be pre-ordained champions after they pulled off 20 out 21 games earlier this season.

But what these bandwagon, shortsighted fair-weather "fans" think is hardly of consequence.  What's important is the truth, and the truth is the Miami Heat's losses are signs the team is on their way to their second NBA Championship and their first since signing former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James and Toronto Raptors standout Chris Bosh.

Now it might be difficult to grasp why a team like the Heat that seems to be on a downward spiral would somehow all of a sudden become the title favorites.

For most teams, suffering endless consecutive heart-breaking losses night in and night out would be their doom.&nbs...

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